About Us

Spex Sourcing Concerns is a textile business related agency operating from Pakistan. SSC was established in 2008, keeping in view to bridge the gap between foreign Buyers and domestic manufacturers. We help our international clients identify vendors, thru the selection process, correspondence, negotiation, pre-shipment inspection and with the needs for detailed follow up. We mainly deal in Fibers (Cotton, Polyester & Manmade), 100% cotton yarns, Polyester & specialized yarns, Fabrics, Home textiles, Towels & Garments for Local & International markets. We also work in Importing yarns & fibers from different origins like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand & China.

The company’s principle markets include the China, Hongkong, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Mexico. Spex customers are all tier-one global brands. The company has pursued and successfully executed an operating strategy to provide solutions to our buyers that ensure better quality, are cost effective, and confirm timely delivery. This continues to be a key driver in establishing us as a qualify leader, while delivering measurably superior value to our customers.

At Spex, we believe that the success of each one of our customers play an equally fundamental role towards our growth and success as well. We believe in establishing long term business relationships with our customers and offer enough flexibility to cater to the growing & evolving global needs, while maintaining professional business ethics. Which is why the company’s culture emphasizes on the importance of living its values (accountability, collaboration, transparency and stretch) that are our strongest tools for attracting & retaining our precious customers.


Our Team

We at SPEX feel that communication is the key asset to the success of any relation. We are a team that capitalizes on the strengths and abilities of all our employees individually as well as collectively to ensure the best solution set to our clients. With our employee-oriented and value-cantered management approach, Spex places equal value on teamwork while measuring performance & growth.

SPEX consist of professionals, who have numerous experience working in different capacities & levels in the textile industry. The company believes that all its employees have equal importance in the performance of its business. Who we are, what we stand for and what we offer in terms of career growth and personal development are the key factors that directly impact our success, both today and for years to come.